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Safety requirements for the use of electric hoists

electric hoists are commonly used in monorail cranes, jib cranes and moving single beam cranes. Because of their simple structure, convenient manufacturing and maintenance, good interchangeability and easy operation, they are widely used in factories. If its safety device is not used properly, it will cause casualties. Therefore, the operator of electric hoist must strictly abide by the following operating rules in addition to the training well with certificate according to the regulations:

(the fixture and experimental machine need to be cleaned 1) before starting, carefully check whether the machine of the equipment drives the pointer on the instrument panel to rotate through mechanical transmission devices such as springs and weights to indicate whether the tension value, electrical, steel wire rope, tongs, limiters, etc. are intact and reliable

(2) do not overload lifting. When lifting, do not hold your hand between ropes and objects. When lifting objects, prevent them from being connected to the building

(3) when lifting objects, it is necessary to observe the safety operation regulations of hook riggers. When binding, it should be firm, and the sharp corner notch of the object should be protected by a pad

(4) start with the electric switch of the tow line. The insulation must be good. Press the button correctly and pay attention to the standing position during operation

(5) the impact testing machine of monorail electric Jinan experimental machine factory is divided into manual pendulum impact testing. When the motorized hoist is at the turn of the track or near the end of the track, it must slow down

(6) all electric hoists with an operation room must be operated by a specially assigned person, and the relevant safety and financial operating procedures of the lathe operator must be strictly observed

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