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Safety requirements for the use of prestressed reinforcement stretching equipment

1. Steel formwork is used for supporting tensioning. There must be ground anchors at both ends, and must also be equipped with fixtures and anchorages. The first end of the sample at both ends of the reinforcement shall be clamped into the jaw at least 4/5 of the length and must be headed. Protective railings and warning signs shall be provided outside both ends of the site

2. Check the fixtures, anchorages and the upsets at both ends of the tensile reinforcement. If there is crack or damage, it should be repaired or replaced in time

3. The groove of the fixture should be 0.7~1mm larger than the diameter of the pulled reinforcement, and ensure sufficient strength to prevent the anchorage from deformation

4. operate without load, correct the indicated tonnage of Jack and pressure gauge, set the figures on the table, and compare the tonnage and extension length required for tensioning reinforcement. Check that there is no leakage in the oil circuit, and the operation can be carried out only after it is confirmed to be normal

5. During the operation, the operation shall be stable and uniform, and no one shall stand at both ends during tensioning. It is strictly forbidden to disassemble any part of the hydraulic system when the stretching machine has pressure and the longer the length, such as sheet metal, lead screw, etc

6. when measuring the elongation of reinforcement or tightening the nut, stop stretching first, and the operator must stand on both sides for operation

7. when using electric heating tension method for live operation, insulating rubber shoes and insulating gloves with corresponding data shall be worn, and Si element can improve the decarburization sensitivity of steel

8. During tensioning, do not touch or step on the reinforcement or steel wire with your hands or feet

9. after operation, cut off the power supply and lock the electric switch box. All jacks shall be unloaded and the stretching equipment shall be placed at the designated place for maintenance

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