Safety requirements for the use of electric hoist

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Safety requirements for the use of crane electric hoist

(1). The installation distance of electric hoist should be more than 15 meters away from the lifting distance of heavy objects. If a mast crane is used, its distance should not be less than the height of the mast

(2) the distance from the center of the drum to the nearest guide pulley should be greater than 20 times the length of the drum. When the rope is wound to the drum to prevent winding in, when the rope is wound to the center of the drum, the rope should be perpendicular to the drum centerline

(3). The steel wire rope must be firmly fixed with the drum. The minimum allowable diameter of the drum is 16~20 times of the steel wire rope. When the steel wire rope is left in the required length, the steel wire rope left on the drum shall not be less than 3 turns. Sichuan Crane Factory Chengdu Taili crane adopts self-made winch, which is safe, stable and reliable

(4) the winch must be fixed firmly, firmly and firmly to prevent tipping and sliding when lifting objects

(5) the electrical control of the winch should be placed on the operator, all electrical equipment should be equipped with grounding wires to prevent electric shock, and the electrical switches need to be protected

(6) before starting, check whether the parts of the winch rotate flexibly and whether the braking device is reliable and sensitive

(7) the operator must be familiar with the performance and structure of the winch and have practical operation experience

(8) when working, people are not allowed to stand within the two meters around the winch to adapt to the relatively large tension. The potential of medical devices and medical packaging on both sides of the running rope and the guide pulley cannot be underestimated, and people are not allowed to stand around

(9) when the winch is running, the action should be stable and uniform for easy detection. When lifting heavy objects, it should be lifted slowly first. When the running rope has been tightened, it is strictly prohibited to suddenly start and accelerate by shaking violently, and it should be checked whether the rope buckle and the binding of objects are firm and firm

(10) it is strictly prohibited to use the winch for lifting, to hang the heavy objects in the air, and to stay or walk under the suspended objects

(11) operate the winch strictly. Do not drive if the signal is unclear, the steel rope deviates, and the load brake is ineffective

(12) after the winch stops working, cut off the power supply, put the controller to the zero position, brake tightly with a solid and smooth brake, and put the wooden points on the running rope

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