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Safety requirements for the use of steel bar cold drawing machine

1. The winch shall be reasonably selected according to the diameter of the cold drawn steel bar. The winch wire rope shall pass through the closed guide pulley. The position of the winch must enable the operator to see all the cold drawing sites, and the distance from the cold drawing center line shall not be less than 5m

2. A protective baffle is set in front of the cold drawing winch. Stand behind the protective baffle during operation. If there is no baffle, the winch should be at right angles to the cold drawing direction

3. In the cold drawing site, warning areas are set outside the ground anchors at both ends, and protective railings and warning signs are installed. Irrelevant personnel are strictly forbidden to stay here. When operating, the operator must leave the reinforcement at least 2m away

4. The equipment controlled by counterweight must match the pulley and have a mark indicating the rise and fall. If there is no indication mark, there should be a special person to command. When lifting the counterweight frame, the height should be limited to 300mm above the ground, and there should be railings and warning signs around the counterweight frame

at the end of 2016, the overall capacity of the power battery industry exceeded 80gwh5. Before operation, check the cold drawing fixture, the clamping teeth must be intact, the pulley and towing trolley should be lubricated flexibly, and the draw hook, ground anchor and protective device should be complete and firm. Operation can be carried out only after confirmation. All steel materials that are hard or uneven should not be cold drawn

6. The winch operator must see the "poof" and "poof" signals from the oil return pipe of the oil delivery valve of the commander, and can not operate until all personnel leave the dangerous area. Cold drawing should be carried out slowly and evenly by the pressure testing machine. Pay attention to the shutdown signal at any time or stop pulling immediately when someone enters the dangerous area, and loosen the winch wire rope slightly

7. The device controlled by elongation must be equipped with obvious limit signs, and a special person shall be responsible for commanding

8. The lighting facilities for night work should be set outside the tensioning danger area. If it must be installed above the site, its height should be more than 5m. The bulb should be equipped with a protective cover to lay a foundation for the better development of "1035". The conductor should be well insulated

9. electrical equipment must be safe and reliable, wire insulation must be good, and motor and starter housing must be grounded

10. the setting of ground anchors and the calculation of tensile strength shall be determined by the user

11. After operation, loosen the winch wire rope, drop the counterweight, cut off the power supply, and lock the electric switch box

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