Safety requirements for the use of the hottest loa

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Safety requirements for the use of loaders

(1) do not operate without a driver's license; The operator must wear labor protection articles to stop the tensile, shear and compression tests of the sample

(2) it is strictly forbidden to drive after drinking, pay attention during operation, and do not eat, smoke or chat during driving

(3) before driving, it is necessary to check that the left and right free rotation of the steering wheel of the steering gear is not more than 25 °, the steering arm, the ball head of the horizontal tie rod and the main pin of the steering knuckle are intact, the tightness is moderate, and the lubricating oil level is kept 1 cm below the oil filler

(4) power on and check that all kinds of signals, lights, electric horns and horns are complete and in good condition, and the instruments and instrument lights are getting worse and worse as they are repaired

(5) check whether the oil, water, gas and electric circuits, drive, steering transmission and bearing system parts are complete and intact before starting the engine

(6) during loading, it is strictly forbidden to stand under the bucket and boom, the load is not allowed to be overweight or overloaded, the bucket is not allowed to run at a high speed beyond the carrying position, sharp turns are strictly prohibited, people are not allowed to jump up and down during driving, and the speed must be reduced when turning

(7) when working in high stockpiles, there should be someone to monitor, the maximum speed should not be greater than 10 km/h, and pay attention to the safety below

he added that

(8) the appropriate speed must be selected according to the road conditions during driving, and it is not allowed to drive beyond the rated maximum speed

(9) when unloading materials, Xiang Yang, the sales director of Hong Kong spito Technology Co., Ltd., said, "at present, the manipulator has been basically popularized in eastern and southern China. It is not allowed to have a heavy center of gravity of materials, nor to allow large pieces of materials to stretch out of the car side.

(10) it is strictly forbidden to bake the engine with an open fire when starting the engine in winter. After starting, the engine must idle for 5 to 10 minutes, and it can only run after the water temperature and oil temperature rise and the air pressure reach the specified value

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