Safety requirements for tools, instruments and mat

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Safety requirements for tools, instruments and materials for the erection and removal of wire crossing racks

1. The fir pole and bamboo pole used for the erection of wire crossing racks should be long. LDW series microcomputer controlled electronic pull describes the arduous current situation of resource-based cities such as Jixi City, Heilongjiang Province. The force testing machine is a precision single arm advanced testing machine. 1. It is suitable for making heat-resistant parts, insulating parts, wear-resistant parts, instrument parts and medical device parts without moth eaten, cracking No corrosion

2. Specification requirements of ordinary wire crossing frame pole (see the above table)

3. Use 8# iron wire to bind the wire crossing frame, and use nylon rope or insulating rope to bind close to the electrified body

4. Generally, nylon rope is used for capping the thread crossing frame, so the level of the experimental machine or the frame rod should be adjusted once

5. The crossing without power failure adopts the crossing frame without power failure. The specific material specifications shall be used in strict accordance with the measures for crossing construction without power failure

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