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Professional trough type cable tray supply

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therefore, the design of the tray must be reasonable and constructive optimization. The design of cable tray is a systematic project. We can't think about the layout of cable tray in a certain area in isolation, but we should consider the overall situation, grasp the electrical system of the whole project, and consider the layout of cable tray from the line design of the whole electrical system. Therefore, to reasonably optimize the design of cable tray, we have to deal with the electrical high-voltage system, low-voltage power system, frequency conversion drive system The automation control system should be well known. We can optimize the design of the bridge from the above four systems. According to the cable tray manufacturer, as a fully enclosed cable tray, the trough cable tray is mostly used in computer cables, thermocouple cables, communication cables and control cables of high-sensitivity systems. The trough type cable tray produced by the manufacturer has a good protective effect against heavy corrosive environment and the interference of screen (104) geotechnical materials that control cables. It is a cable tray worthy of purchase and use. Ladder type cable tray is a new type of cable tray improved by enterprises according to relevant data and similar products. It has the advantages of light weight, low cost, unique shape, convenient installation, good heat dissipation, good air permeability and so on. It is suitable for the laying of general cables with larger diameter, especially for the laying of high and low voltage power cables. Ladder type cable tray is equipped with a shield, which can be indicated when ordering. All its accessories are common to tray type and trough type cable trays. The trough type bridge is formed by bending a whole steel plate, and the cross section forms a U-shaped groove. This groove of the trough cable tray is convenient for centralized collection and sorting of cables, which can effectively prevent cables from falling loose

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network, of course, can only be used as a reference. Only by understanding the specific parameters, can we choose high-quality products. Next, let's introduce the method of selecting the specifications and pictures of galvanized cable tray. (1) Whether the specification meets the requirements. We must also have certain requirements for selecting and purchasing bridges. The specific type of bridge we want should also be measured as a whole. It is recommended that you can determine the specific model, or make an overall comparison through each manufacturer official, so as to ensure a good use effect and the later construction will not be affected. (2) Whether the style meets the requirements. The specifications and pictures of galvanized cable tray can let us see which types of cable tray meet the requirements and whether other types of design are needed. If there are specifications for the basic bridge, you can also directly contact the manufacturer to design and process the whole. Such a bridge also meets our needs, which can quickly improve the work efficiency. (3) Choose the right manufacturer

professional trough type cable tray supply

the cable tray with electrostatic plastic spraying shall be flat, smooth, uniform and free of peeling. There shall be no bubbles and blisters. The cable tray itself shall be flat, free of distortion and deformation. The inner wall shall be smooth and free of burrs. The weld surface of the cable tray shall be uniform, and there shall be no missing welding, cracks, burning through and other defects. 2. Installation position of cable tray; When the bridge is laid horizontally, the height from the ground is generally not less than 2.5m. When the cable tray is laid in multiple layers, in order to meet the needs of heat dissipation, maintenance and anti-interference, a certain distance should be left between the cable tray layers. When the cable tray is laid in parallel with various pipelines, its clear distance should meet the relevant regulations. 3. Installation of supports and hangers: the quality of supports and hangers of cable tray shall meet the current relevant technical standards. When the cable tray is laid horizontally, the support span is generally 1.5~3m. When the cable tray is laid vertically, the fixed spacing should not be greater than 2m, the horizontal height difference between two adjacent cable tray arms should not be greater than 10mm, and the vertical deviation of the vertical centerline of two adjacent cable tray arms should not be greater than 20mm. Advantages of galvanized cable tray: it has very good anti-corrosion performance, so that the heating furnace temperature can be set quickly, the durability is long, the service life is much longer than that of ordinary cable tray, the production industrialization degree is high, and the quality is stable

the cable tray manufacturer introduces the applicability of the product structure. Branch cables are generally laid in the electrical vertical pipe shaft of high-rise buildings. As we all know, high-rise buildings are affected by wind load and other factors, and the main building barrel will sway under normal service conditions. For the high-rise building with the main body of the frame structure, the front, back, left and right offset caused by this shaking increases with the increase of the floor height. Ordinary high-rise buildings less than 100m (more than 100m is called super high-rise buildings), which cause a large offset of nearly 20cm. The offset of super high-rise buildings is even larger. That is to say, there is obvious dynamic offset in the reserved holes of electric pipe drilling requiring up-down alignment. This phenomenon has no problem with branch cables, but has an impact on bus duct. Because the branch cable is a flexible structure, and the bus duct is a rigid object, the bus duct after installation is at a loss for the shaking phenomenon of the building. When the deviation is large, it may affect the quality and safety of the bus duct, while the branch cable is more than a blade when dealing with this phenomenon

what are the characteristics of cable tray analyzed by professional cable tray manufacturers? In order to ensure sufficient safety and fire prevention, in addition to complying with the relevant fire prevention requirements, it is also necessary to adopt safer professional cable tray factory products. At present, the cable tray with relatively high fire prevention performance in the market is fire-proof metal cable tray, so customers should buy this kind of cable tray as much as possible when purchasing it. Of course, we also need to buy cable trays of big brands. And when buying, we must carefully select and check, check the quality certificate of the product, and check the relevant qualifications of the enterprise. Of course, in order to ensure safety, it is also necessary to operate in strict accordance with the steps during the construction process, and we must not be careless to avoid unnecessary injury to the construction personnel. Because you are in different fields, people always need to develop their needs more deeply. At least starting from the new way of safety, the serious development of all kinds of new parts and components also has more room for in-depth development

surface treatment includes cold galvanizing, hot galvanizing, painting and fire prevention. Under the special installation strip, users can provide fixed length processing of bracket and bracket drawings. Nowadays, China has entered the stage of rapid development, and there is great competition in all walks of life. Every day, there are breast feeding enterprises closed due to poor management. How to develop is in front of every manufacturer, and the same is true for stainless steel cable tray manufacturers. Therefore, understanding and mastering the development direction of cable tray manufacturers can promote the healthy and sustainable development of manufacturers. As a professional manufacturer of cable tray, our company has continuously learned production technology and introduced production equipment to ensure that the quality of the cable tray products meets the relevant specifications. Before the products leave the factory, we have passed strict quality inspection to ensure that the cable tray products have market competitiveness and successfully build our own enterprise brand

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