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Profits are falling, but costs are increasing. If dealers want to make money, they should move these three mountains first

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core tip: market competition is intensifying, and the entire FMCG industry has entered a real era of low profits, but the downstream distribution, personnel, warehousing and other expenses have increased at a rate far faster than the official GDP growth

[China Packaging News] market competition is intensifying day by day, and the entire FMCG industry has entered a real era of low profits, but the growth rate of downstream distribution, personnel, warehousing and other expenses is far faster than the official GDP growth

the attitude of upstream manufacturers is getting worse and tougher day by day, and all kinds of costs of downstream supermarkets are emerging one after another. If it continues to develop in this form, it is estimated that bankruptcy is "just around the corner"

with the decline of market capacity, the continuous increase of operating costs, the profits left by manufacturers to improve competitiveness in the competition are becoming more and more "reasonable". Under the joint influence of internal and external factors, dealers seem to be in a desperate situation, and many promising dealers begin to close down or change careers

but is there any untouched cheese waiting for you in the market economy? And it needs to pay more to set foot in a new industry. So the best choice is to find a good way to adapt to the current competitive environment in a familiar industry

so if you want to make money, you must first control the cost. If you want to control the cost, first we must really analyze where your cost is and what your main expenses are? Through consulting several dealers, it is concluded that the three major stones on the dealers are: inventory, wages and oil costs

1. How to cut down inventory

in a market selling 500000 yuan a month, his inventory is usually maintained at about 250000 yuan. What does this mean? You have 250000 yuan every day, which is pressed in the warehouse and does not bring any value. If you control the inventory part at 100000 yuan, you have 150000 living money to invest. But how can you control reasonable inventory without affecting normal sales? First of all, we need to understand how much inventory is reasonable? Some customers say that it should be controlled within 40% and not more than 60% at most. These are your empirical judgments, but experts tell us: safety stock = (daily maximum sales - daily minimum sales) × Ordering cycle: if your market has a monthly sales volume of 600000, if your maximum daily sales volume is 40000 and the minimum is 15000, then what is your inventory? It should be (.5) × The company's order cycle is 3 days =75000. If you don't believe it and think it will be out of stock, I can tell you negatively that the company basically does it. If your experience predicts that the company sells 60million, the inventory should be kept at 30million, but in fact, the company has only 6million inventory at most. How does the company do it

it's very simple to arrange production according to your order, and the products produced are all products that have been sold. But how does the dealer do it? That is, you need to predict your sales demand in three days. If you do this, you need to fully understand the sales status of the customers you do business with, and you need to establish channel sales tracking, and estimate the sales in the next three days according to the sales tracking, that is, management. If you can't do this, your inventory can't be reduced at all, and it will also lead to out of stock

2. How to control the estimated production oil cost in the second half of 2017

the management of fuel costs. Many dealer bosses compare them based on sales or other vehicles, and there is no specific evaluation index at all. Car a sells for 7000 yuan, the oil fee is 110 yuan, car B sells for 4000 yuan, and the oil fee is 40 yuan. Some people say that car a is good. 1. Take down the broken sample, turn off the screen display switch, and some say that car B is good, which is unreasonable, because you only have no standards, you can't evaluate whether it creates value or not

Gou passes through many dealer friends. Generally, a vehicle running in villages and towns has a daily fuel cost of between Yuan and a sales volume of between yuan. He visits 30 customers and clinches a deal. The transaction rate is between 50%. How to control your fuel cost is actually very simple. Customers who don't want goods don't go, which saves time, as well as the loss of oil and wasted time when parking and starting In fact, how to make an effective visit is also very simple. Divide areas, build lines, and grade sales points. Some stores visit every three days, some stores visit every six days, and some stores visit every half a month... Vehicles visit strictly according to the lines, according to the level of sales points, and put limited time in the most valuable customers. If some villages and towns are indeed remote, and a car takes more than 3 hours (round trip) on the road, how can you operate effectively? In fact, it's also simple to find the township franchisor to operate

3. How to optimize the allocation of personnel and resources

many dealers also allocate resources based on past experience, rather than the number of points or forms of current channels. Because many dealers don't even have the most basic channel information, how to talk about channel management, you don't know your channel status, how to know how many people to allocate, and what kind of treatment people to allocate? Some channels may have a distribution rate of more than 90%, and what is needed is maintenance. At this time, you can only assign a small worker of 2000 yuan to complete the replenishment action. Some lines have many blank spots, and you need to arrange businesses with strong development ability, and you may need sales businesses with slightly higher recruitment ability of about 5000 yuan; There are many special points on some lines, so you need to arrange someone with strong negotiation ability... Your vehicle configuration is also configured according to the number of points and sales forecast, so as to avoid the phenomenon that some customers get on the bus, can't get back the sales volume, and the car stops for half a month and moves for half a month

if you build lines in different areas and grade sales points, you can standardize visits and reduce a lot of fuel costs; If you manage, you can minimize inventory, and your inventory cost will be cut down a lot; Only when you really understand your channel situation, can you reasonably allocate your vehicles and personnel, control or cut down unnecessary personnel, waste and blindly increase resources. Only with complete sales point information can we know how to make targeted responses to the distribution rate, items and taste management, so as to improve your sales and increase your profits

money is earned, not saved. It is in the early stage of market economy. With the development of the times, you need not only to make money, but also to improve your process management and cut down unnecessary costs. During the experiment, both ends of the specimen must be parallel to increase the overall profit. If you want to cut costs and improve profits, you must use the traditional habit formed by feeling or memory to try the modern marketing system that delicious, Pepsi and even Master Kang have been using for a long time, including selling points, grading, management and standardized visits

dealer friends, are you ready to meet the profit spring by standardizing visits, cutting costs and increasing profits? If you believe the above point of view, it means that your profits have begun to increase

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