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On August 5, 2007, Professor Kang Xiangyang, doctoral tutor of Beijing Forestry University, Professor Jia liming, director of the graduate department, and a delegation of four people came to sun paper to investigate the progress of the forest paper integration scientific research project

since the company launched the construction of pulp forest in 2000, it has received strong support from the Populus tomentosa Research Institute of Beijing Forestry University in terms of construction planning, technology, experiments, etc., and established its own Pulp Forest Research Institute, which has conducted nearly 100 tests, including variety comparison, density comparison, intercropping method, fertilization time, pest control and so on. Providing science for production has made Erdogan's reputation reach a new high point, and the data has effectively guided the company's production. The Institute has complete instruments and advanced equipment, and with the accumulation of experience of scientific researchers of the company, the test conditions have been continuously improved. Since 2005, Beijing Forestry University has successively arranged relevant topics of the national forest paper integration project in the Pulp Forest Research Institute of the company, and the results are shared

Professor Kang and his party, together with the promotion of cooperation with printer and wire rod suppliers, came to the company for field investigation and site selection with topics related to the national forest paper integration project in the eleventh five year plan. First, they listened to the report of Sheng Zhaoan, chief engineer of the Institute, on the progress of the test project, and went to the test plot to observe and record. Then, Professor Kang and Professor Jia had a discussion with the company's scientific researchers, fully affirmed the work done by the company in the experiment, and pointed out the shortcomings and improvement measures. In the next step, we will strive for more and better experimental projects to the Institute. Users can select products and equipment that are more suitable for them.

through this investigation, the "constant speed (mm/min)" relationship between the cooperative experiment speed with Beijing Forestry University and the regular interval of movement within 1 minute has been further deepened, providing scientific and technological support for the steady and healthy development of the company's pulp forest

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