Bai Long, the vice mayor of Zhangjiakou, and his d

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Bai Long, vice mayor of Zhangjiakou, and his delegation came to the publicity research and guidance work

Bai Long, vice mayor of Zhangjiakou, and his delegation came to the publicity research and guidance work

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July 3 Friction and wear testing machine: a kind of relatively small consumption. On the 7th, Bai Long, vice mayor of Zhangjiakou Municipal People's government, and his delegation came to Xuangong company to investigate and guide the work. Accompanied by the company's leaders, we went deep into the processing branch, hydraulic branch and general assembly branch to investigate and understand the situation

Xi hengzhong, Deputy Secretary General of Zhangjiakou Municipal government, Wang Zhanli, director of the Municipal Bureau of industry and information technology, Fei Zaihong, head of Xuanhua District, and other urban leaders accompanied the investigation

at the processing branch, mayor Bai inspected the company's processing equipment and learned about the processing technology of the company's box, gear, shaft sleeve, long rod and other parts. At the site of the pentahedral processing center, mayor Bai carefully watched the part processing process. In the hydraulic branch, the leaders of the company introduced the company's use of international advanced equipment and technology to produce hydraulic valves, and introduced the basic situation of supporting facilities in the construction machinery industry. In the General Assembly branch, Mayor Bai inspected the production of high drive bulldozers of the company "In the assembly process of chemical fiber new material Shangpin and Pingjia bulldozer products, I learned about the main characteristics, assembly process and quality control process of the products. In the investigation, mayor Bai will expand production capacity in the next step. They asked in detail about the company's development history, production and operation, market development and product technical quality level.

Mayor Bai pointed out that at present, Zhangjiakou is facing a great opportunity to bid for the Winter Olympics, and the publicity work should take advantage of it Hebei Iron and Steel Group's market advantages and influence, take the initiative, actively communicate with the relevant provincial and municipal departments, and give priority to it. Therefore, it also decided to take a one arm approach to lead the Zhangjiakou market. It is suggested that Xuangong aim at the international high-end level to accelerate development, make full use of Xuangong's equipment and technical advantages to develop the market, improve the scale efficiency of the enterprise, and make a positive contribution to improving the equipment manufacturing level of the whole province and the whole city

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