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Recently, the 19th issue of machine tool information, an authoritative magazine of the national machine tool industry, announced that it plays a very important role in the production and research and development of manufacturing enterprises. The new eighteen Arhats of the machine tool industry selected by the Chinese machinery industry ranked first in the past two years, and the results were averaged. Qi Zhong likes the top three in Shanxi and takes the position of exploring flowers. Qi Er machine tool ranks fourth. In the list of heavy machine tool industry, both sides competed for the top spot

the top four in the new eighteen Arhats in the machine tool industry are Shenyang Machine Tool Group, Dalian machine tool group, Qizhong numerical control equipment Co., Ltd. and Qier Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd

this ranking is based on the assessment of the scale of enterprises, development speed, scientific and technological innovation, product radiation, comprehensive economic benefits, social reputation and popularity of enterprises and products, which have a lot of room for plastics to replace traditional materials. Shenyang Machine Tool Co., Ltd. continues to hold the eldest brother position in the eighteen Arhats. The seats of both Qizhong and Qier machine tools leaped forward significantly. Among them, Qi Zhong jumped from the eighth place in the past to the third place today

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