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Hundreds of tons of machine tools have gone "wandering"? Suzhou police cracked a huge contract fraud case

the machine just delivered to the door was not found overnight when it was installed. This is not a simple product. A machine weighs five tons. How did these hundreds of tons of machine tools making precision instruments disappear? Is this a clever "theft"? Or did these big guys go "wandering" by themselves? Where are the "disappeared" buyers

on February 26, Suzhou Wuzhong public security branch sent a press conference in Xukou, hoping that when choosing it, everyone should carefully choose a regular manufacturer to buy it, and hold a press conference to crack a huge amount of contract fraud. At the meeting, in order to uncover the scam after the huge case value contract fraud, Wuzhong police reminded the general public not to suffer heavy losses for the sake of temporary gains

hundreds of tons of machine tools disappeared overnight, which made the case in trouble for a while.

on January 15, 2019, the victims Xu and Qin successively went to Xukou police station of Wuzhong Public Security Bureau to call the police, saying that they went to Chen's factory to install machine tools on the date agreed with Chen, but found that none of the more than 30 machine tools previously transported there were left. After contacting Chen, they found that the person had lost contact, which was a product worth 8million yuan, What is the reason for this? The two in a hurry called the police

"after receiving the alarm, Wuzhong police quickly set up a task force, led by the Economic Investigation Brigade, and dispatched the capable police force of Xukou police station to quickly carry out the investigation work. Chen also had no information, no traceable track, no contact with immediate family members, and no traceable track, leaving the case in trouble." Li Yuecheng, a policeman handling the case at Xukou police station of Wuzhong Public Security Bureau, said that while continuing to study the whereabouts of Chen, the task force found another way to seek other breakthroughs, starting with tracking the flow of these "big guys" who "disappeared". After a series of research, analysis and investigation, the suspect Li Yiyi who was suspected of purchasing machinery and equipment soon surfaced, and the police of the task force arrested him in Kunshan, Suzhou on January 18

the principal criminal had a strong awareness of anti reconnaissance, and the police arrested him across provinces.

the lies were full of holes, and the suspects who refused in every way could not explain the behavior of buying a new machine at a price lower than half the market price, tampering with the machine number and pasting the date of manufacture. Most large aerospace composite parts were made of "prepreg". After a surprise examination, Li mouyi confessed the criminal facts of his partnership with Ju and Tian to collect stolen goods. The task force soon arrested Ju and Tian in Kunshan and Xiangcheng, Suzhou. Under the pressure of the police, the other three suspects suspected of receiving stolen goods, Mr. Li, Mr. Wang and Mr. Qiu, voluntarily surrendered to Xukou police station

although the suspect of collecting stolen goods has been basically arrested, the principal criminal Chen is still at large, and some machines are missing. Li yuechengjie took timely protection; Shao said that because the news of the victim's alarm was learned by Chen, Chen deliberately avoided the police, making the pursuit and escape work more difficult

"through a large number of peripheral investigations and investigations, the police found that Chen had returned to his hometown Chuzhou, Anhui Province, and the task force arrested the main suspect Chen." Ji Mingyang, the squadron leader of Xukou police station of Wuzhong public security branch in charge of the arrest, said that although Chen returned to his hometown, he did not go home. He was extremely vigilant, and checked into the hotel with his brother-in-law's ID card. Through the police, at about 0:00 on January 24, in a hotel in Fengyang County, Anhui Province, the suspect Chen was arrested and brought to justice and escorted back to Jiangsu overnight

According to Ji Mingyang, through multiple interrogations of Mr. Chen, the storage location of 31 machines and equipment involved in the case was determined. Investigators rushed to Kunshan, Nanjing, Wen'an County, Hebei Province and other places in batches to transport all the machines involved back to Suzhou and temporarily detain them. In less than ten days, all the seven suspects were arrested and all the 31 machines and equipment involved were recovered, which may minimize the losses of the victims

According to Ji Mingyang, Chen said that he had done a good business, but his economic situation was getting worse and worse because of his deep gambling debt. In order to quickly withdraw funds to repay debts, from October to December 2018, Chen ordered 16 CNC machining center machines (with a contract value of 4.56 million yuan) and 17 V-8 machines (with a contract value of 4.77 million yuan) from Xu and Qin's companies in the name of two Suzhou precision machinery companies. After Chen paid an advance payment of 450000 yuan and 370000 yuan respectively according to the contract, the two companies transported the machines to the place required by Chen, Chen sold 31 machines to six people, including Li and Wang, at a price significantly lower than the market price in January 2019. Because of the particularity of machine tools, regular manufacturers were required to install and decode them on site before they could be used. The two victims were dumbfounded when they saw that the machine was gone, and immediately called the police if they could not contact Chen

after receiving the notice from the security guard in the factory that the victim had called the police, Chen did not think about how to make up for the mistake, but immediately turned off and fled. This will cause actual losses of 4.11 million yuan and 4.4 million yuan to the two injured companies respectively

at present, the suspect Chen has been criminally detained by Xukou police station according to law for the crime of contract fraud, and six people including Li and Wang have been criminally detained by Xukou police station for the crime of concealing and concealing the proceeds of crime and the proceeds of crime, and the case is under further trial

the police reminded the public friends that before signing the contract, the identity and company information of the other party should be verified again and again, and the situation should be thoroughly investigated and properly restrained. Do not trust the other party for convenience

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