The hottest machine vision solves traffic worries

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Machine vision solves traffic worries

editor's note: Aldis, a technology company, has developed a camera and software system that can ensure the essential improvement of next year's automatic traffic lights. Jinan Shijin learned that many customers don't really understand the research on friction, and the designers of Zhongchuang experimental machine manufacturers can make special designs according to the situation

in recent decades, traffic engineers have attempted to maximize the flow of motor vehicles on the main streets by using time signals, but they have only achieved certain results. Unless the traffic is perfectly symmetrical, engineers can control the time of traffic in one direction. And if the distance between traffic lights exceeds half a mile, a large number of motor vehicles will be blocked from one signal to another. For better time control, engineers install detectors on the road to determine the time when vehicles arrive at the intersection. These detectors, that is, the coils buried under the road, are expensive and easy to be damaged. If conditions do not allow, they can only be buried. Recently, although engineers use eight cameras to detect vehicles, it is a more expensive solution

aldis system developer billmalkes said, "Aldis has been testing since June this year. They installed a signal camera under the traffic lights and used a fisheye lens to monitor the distance within 600 yards in all directions. A computer with quite advanced software will calculate the vehicle speed, so as to time the signal lights to achieve the maximum traffic flow."

"if it observes your arrival and there are no vehicles, pedestrians, etc. in the intersection directory experimental machine in the other direction, it will automatically convert the signal light to let you pass without waiting." Malkes said

the cost of customized cameras and related hardware and software installed at each intersection is about 15000 US dollars, which is higher than the cost of buried coils, but the cost will decrease with the passage of time

the installation of this equipment can not only increase the traffic flow, but also reduce fuel pollution, because the vehicle produces the most exhaust gas when starting. Malkes said that safety is also crucial. When the system senses that a vehicle has not stopped at a red light, it can take countermeasures. In the United States, more than 800 people die in accidents caused by running red lights every year

another type of camera, installed on police cars, has brought more changes to the roads of the United States. The camera can scan 30 license plates per second, convert the image into data, and match the license plate number with the required vehicle list. The patrol police then warned the accident vehicle on its vehicle

the system was developed by elsagnorthamericalawenforcementsystems and has been adopted by police departments in various regions, including Rialto, upland and and baldwinpark. Recently, this system has been adopted by school buses. Its main purpose is to capture pictures of vehicles that violate school bus regulations or threaten the safety of boarding and alighting students. The data can be transferred to the laptop in the school bus, and the illegal vehicles can be checked before work

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