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The machine turns and the construction site is busy

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recently, the land of Southern Xinjiang is busy. The machine turns and the construction site is busy. There are more and more poverty alleviation projects with "hematopoietic" function, and the clarion call for comprehensively eradicating poverty is becoming louder and louder

Aksu Area:

the benefits of poverty alleviation projects are good

early in the morning of March 7, the smell of Nang was rippling in the elinur Nang Cultural Industrial Park in Toma airik village, yuerqi Township, Keping county. Nang masters wearing masks skillfully picked out the steaming Nang from the Nang pit. On the Nang production line in the workshop, Nang masters were busy

Li Weidong, the leader and first Secretary of the "visiting Huiju" task force of the grain and material reserve bureau of the autonomous region in torma Arik village, said that at the end of 2019, the Nang cooperative in the village was launched into the Nang production line, giving villagers a taste of the benefits of increasing employment and income, and seeing the hope of getting rid of poverty and becoming rich

AI "It has the potential to truly change the rules of the game in the composite industry. The poverty alleviation project of nurnang cultural industrial park is one of 1097 poverty alleviation projects in Aksu this year. In recent years, the local government has made good use of Poverty Alleviation Policies, established a perfect project library, and strengthened project management. From 2018 to 2020, a total of 2599 projects were put into the poverty alleviation project library in the whole region, with a total capital of 10.743 billion yuan.

Kashgar region:

project promotion effect High rate

"all the new vegetable sheds in our county have been started, and the construction is planned to be completed in mid March, and will enter the vegetable seedling planting period in succession." On March 5, lichangqing, Secretary of the Party group and director of Jiashi county poverty Alleviation Office, said

this year, Jiashi county has 144 poverty alleviation projects in six categories, including 2129 vegetable arch shed construction projects with a total investment of 20.25 million yuan, which can benefit 2129 poor families in 124 poor villages in 10 towns. Only in tierimu Township, which is adjacent to the county seat, 261 new arched sheds have been built. These standardized arched sheds have a complete water supply system, and the average annual income of each can reach 4000-5000 yuan

it is understood that four counties in Kashgar will remove their hats and 293 poor villages will withdraw this year. In order to ensure the full completion of the poverty alleviation task on schedule, Kashgar region summed up experience, simplified bidding procedures, and improved the efficiency of project promotion. Among the poverty alleviation projects put on record, 210 are under construction, with a planned investment of 13.51 billion yuan, and 20600 jobs for poor households

Hotan Area:

the Anju housing project started early

on March 3, on the construction site of the Anju housing construction project in Hongguang Village, Tuohula Township, Moyu County, small transport vehicles came and went, and workers neatly laid bricks and poured concrete...

speaking of this poverty alleviation project, The continuity of the mine outside the village fell, and the people abelaiti azezi gave a thumbs up: "the villagers build houses, and the village provides bricks, stones, sand, and cement. The villagers can earn labor fees when they work."

this year, Hongguang Village will complete the construction of the remaining 21 housing units, which will be used for the heat sink of LED lamps. Hotan area plans to build 3437 secure tenure housing units this year. Due to early planning and early start, more than 2000 units have been started, and all are planned to be completed by the end of June


project implementation docking details

on March 1, at Mihe hot wood food processing plant, songtak village, songtak Township, Atush City, more than a dozen employees wearing masks were busy working

"the factory in front of our home has lifted us out of poverty and taught us to make all kinds of cakes." Referring to the poverty alleviation project of Mihe hot wood food processing factory, employee ayguli said happily

the poverty alleviation and development leading group of Kizilsu Kirgiz Autonomous Prefecture adopts office, network office and other methods to overcome the impact of the epidemic on poverty alleviation projects, sort out 11 nodes that restrict the advance of preliminary work, analyze and solve problems item by item with the method of dissecting sparrows, open a green channel for poverty alleviation projects, and pave the way for winning the battle against poverty

(Zhang Zhili, participated in Han Qinyan, pairezati... "Abudu, Zhang Ruilin, Aksu station niuhaiyan)

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