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The machine tool industry urgently needs to be upgraded

"the rapid development of China's aerospace industry has promoted the development of related industries such as the machine tool industry. On the other hand, many of its parts ultimately depend on the processing of machine tools, and the two complement each other." The rapid development of China's aerospace industry has promoted the development of related industries, such as machine tool industry. On the other hand, many of its parts ultimately depend on the processing of machine tools, and the two complement each other. Recently, the international machine tool industry exhibition held in Beijing coincided with Shenjiu's flight into space. The participating experts made an appeal at a forum for the aerospace industry. As the machine tool of the equipment manufacturing industry, the machine tool industry is charged with the mission of providing excellent equipment. The state should strengthen guidance, and enterprises should also respond positively

the demand for digital manufacturing is urgent

the world's first CNC machine tool is designed and produced for the production of the contour of aircraft propeller blades, which is a revolutionary breakthrough in the development process of manufacturing industry and marks the beginning of the era of CNC processing in the field of manufacturing industry. Huang Jianwen, chief engineer of Little Giant Machine Tool Co., Ltd., believes that NC machining is the foundation of modern manufacturing technology, and its invention has epoch-making significance for the development of manufacturing industry, especially aerospace industry

liuhuadong, director of the digital manufacturing and flexible assembly technology research office of Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Manufacturing Engineering, believes that the demand trend of the aviation industry for CNC machine tools is currently on the rise. The future aircraft, especially the manufacturing of new fighter aircraft, are required to be supported by the accurate manufacturing of parts, implement the assembly without allowance, and the requirements for the butt joint and clearance of the process separation surface will be more stringent, These require a large number of CNC machine tools. The application of some new materials (such as composite materials) also puts forward new and higher frequency bands for CNC machine tools, although the frequency band of sometimes expander meets the requirements of this range

it is reported that parts of aerospace industry products are characterized by high temperature resistance, high strength and difficult processing. At the same time, there are many alloy materials and composites, many complex structural parts and high process requirements. The structural parts of aircraft fuselage mainly include beams, frames, ribs, sidings and other parts. Most of these parts are made of aluminum alloy or titanium alloy. Generally, the outline dimensions are large. They are thin-walled and multi cavity integral frame structures, with large removal amount of mechanical cutting and high surface quality requirements. Processing such parts requires large and heavy machine tools, which require the workbench to bear more than 10 tons and a high rigidity machine tool with an effective stroke of more than 15 meters

the key components of aircraft engines include compressors, combustion chambers, turbines, etc. most of the components of such products are high-temperature alloys or high-temperature resistant composite materials, which are generally of irregular ring structure, with poor rigidity, high precision, complex profile and great processing difficulty. Processing such parts requires large and medium-sized multi-function, high-precision CNC machine tools, which require high flexibility, excellent CNC system, powerful measurement function, many stations, and large tool library capacity, such as large-scale precision CNC vertical turning center, five axis linkage machining center, and multi axis CNC gantry milling. In addition, it is also necessary to develop high-performance impeller processing special machine tools for engine impellers

the aircraft landing gear is generally made of forged blanks of high-strength steel by machining. Forging the blanks of landing gear requires 10000 ton press, and the processing of blanks requires medium and large-scale CNC Floor Boring and milling machines, five axis linkage gantry machining centers and other equipment. There are many kinds of airborne product parts. The film tensile testing machine is a kind of tensile testing machine, with complex structure, diverse materials and different performance. Processing such parts requires small and medium-sized high-precision multi-function CNC compound machine tools and high-speed CNC milling machines, such as high-precision vertical and horizontal machining centers and high-precision turning, milling, grinding compound machining centers and other machine tools

information technology island must be connected.

fengziming, an aviation informatization expert, believes that in addition to the digital manufacturing capacity formed by the numerical control processing technology and equipment of structural parts, the digital manufacturing technology and corresponding manufacturing equipment such as sheet metal forming, composite component manufacturing, aircraft assembly are not perfect, and the technologies such as precision forming, automatic placement, flexible assembly and automatic drilling and riveting are in the application research stage, A stable batch production capacity has not yet been formed. More importantly, the development of digital manufacturing technology and quality control technology is unbalanced. This paper mainly introduces and consumes the universal data experimental machine for plastic products. At present, the quality control method of aircraft lags behind the development of manufacturing technology, and the quality and ability of personnel team do not match the in-depth application of current digital manufacturing technology. The detection means are not advanced enough. Except that the structural parts processed by numerical control are detected by numerical control measuring machine, other parts and assemblies basically still rely on tooling for manual detection, and the accuracy and accuracy are difficult to meet the requirements of customers

in view of this situation, industry insiders believe that in addition to vigorously developing multi-functional composite machine tools, it is also urgent to coordinate the balanced development of machine host and CNC system, functional components, cutting tools and measuring equipment, improve product functions, and improve the independent development and manufacturing capacity of key supporting equipment. Equipment serves the process. In order to realize the close integration of process and equipment, machine tool enterprises must understand and be familiar with the user's process, pay attention to the dynamic development of the user's manufacturing process technology, accurately position the market for products, and develop new equipment that meets the user's requirements. Strive to provide users with machine tools and equipment, but also provide overall technological solutions to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and products

in order to manage large and complex systems, the aviation manufacturing industry can solve the problems of design and management with the help of increasingly developed computer software and hardware technology, but it has encountered bottlenecks in the process of parts processing and manufacturing. The processing equipment scattered throughout the country and even the world cannot be integrated into the network, and the relevant information in the process of parts manufacturing cannot be fed back to the network, The equipment of each manufacturing enterprise has become an information island, which hinders the development and application of digital technology in the aerospace industry. Huang Jianwen said that because the manufacturing process of aerospace parts is very complex, how to manage and run it has become very difficult. For a long time, the networking application of CNC machine tools has mostly stayed on the original application content of transmitting programs, machine parameters and processing parameters from computers to machine tools. Obviously, such CNC machine tools are difficult to keep up with the pace of the times and cannot meet the needs of today's intelligence, networking and informatization. Therefore, digital manufacturing is not necessary. The future work will include the research of improving material properties. At first, digital manufacturing was mainly used for product design, and then gradually developed in the direction of process, programming, virtual machining, tool preparation, production planning and process monitoring. At present, the new generation of intelligent and networked CNC system with man-machine interactive programming mode is a major development direction

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