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Machine vision system: make the product line achieve 100% reliability

huhtamaki French company is located in auneau, south of Paris, specializing in the production of four types of packaging products for the food and beverage industry, including paper making, extrusion, thermal molding, blow molding mold, in mold labeling and mold fiber. The company's customers include producers of dairy products, meat products and baby food. The production challenge this time involves the process of in mold labeling

must ensure zero product error

each part of the baby food container is independently produced by huhtmaki, and the other end is fixed on the fixed jaw seat; There are two clamping jaws on the fixed clamping jaw seat, and then they are transported to the customer for filling

huhtmaki mass produces food containers with high productivity every day. The transparent lid of the container is labeled to indicate the ingredients and taste of the filled food. Huhtamaki must ensure that the label content on the container delivered to the customer is error free, but the early label supplier cannot ensure that the label in each batch of products is correct

the consequent risk is that labels may be confused and cause allergic reactions after consumption. In view of the strict standards required by the market, Huhtamaki France must ensure zero error in the production process. This can not only protect consumers, but also maintain the reputation of Huhtamaki and its customers

it is by no means easy to achieve this goal without affecting production efficiency. Every assembly line of the factory is fully automated, operates at high speed and is very flexible. The production line operates around the clock, and each assembly line can produce different products. Any update of production mode needs to be implemented quickly. When Huhtamaki began to provide packaging products for a world-renowned baby food manufacturer in 2005, it became crucial to meet all these conditions

in view of the sensitivity of the baby food market, huhtmaki must achieve zero error of products on the premise of ensuring production efficiency. At the same time, Huhtamaki is also a member of HACCP (hazard analysis and critical control point) system, and its production process must comply with strict food hygiene standards. Therefore, we must ensure that there are no errors in the quality control system and the reputation of the company is not damaged


in view of the characteristics of this challenge, the relevant personnel in charge of huhtmaki sought the machine vision system as a solution. Because the private enterprise management is not standardized and efficient production efficiency, manual detection is not feasible, only machine vision system can be used. Didier Lemaire, technical manager of Huhtamaki France, began to cooperate with Caire, an integrator partner trusted by Cognex, after relevant consultation. Caire company specially made the user interface for Huhtamaki when deploying the machine vision system, which not only ensures the simple and easy-to-use features, but also provides convenience for the future system upgrading

the solution meets a series of requirements of huhtmaki. In each production process, the two rows of covers passing through the conveyor belt are labeled with the same labels to indicate the taste and composition of food. The cover rotates continuously at a 360 ° angle, which increases the complexity of deploying the machine vision system. After labeling, the cover needs to be verified, packaged and shipped to the customer. To achieve the goal of error free and complete reliability, the system must be able to obtain and store a fairly detailed set of information, so that it is possible to achieve zero error

the solution is flexible and upgradeable at the same time, facilitating future changes to images, colors and products. In addition, environmental conditions such as light and temperature will also change. At the same time, the system is simple and easy to use. Employees who know little about machine vision system should be able to operate independently after short-term training, and can make simple changes to the program without affecting the reliability of the system

in-sight 5403

the solution designed for Huhtamaki is based on connex's insight products. Cameras are installed on two production lines of the conveyor belt at the same time, and the interface of Huhtamaki is connected with OPC technology. Welcome to inquire! On a PC. Cognex's advanced visual tool patmax provides a simple interface to clearly display product images. This plays a vital role in identifying labels and acquiring images to be detected. After using patmax, the program can store and recognize a text area, some parts of the label and its position on the cover. This system does not need any complex parameter settings, which ensures the simple and easy-to-use characteristics and long-term flexibility of the system. Any object that does not match the acquired image will be immediately removed. Patmax can store a large amount of detail information, which can not only ensure zero error, but also its own error rate is almost negligible

due to the simplicity and reliability of this solution, huhtmaki can ensure the excellent quality of products on the premise of ensuring efficient productivity. Moreover, the company is considering applying this technology to other production fields. (end)

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