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An all-round interpretation of machine vision: "the pupil of the future" leads the way of intelligent development

machine vision start-ups have emerged, and domestic and foreign enterprises are competing to layout. Machine vision has attracted much attention. Machine vision is an important branch of artificial intelligence. 189 of the 957 artificial intelligence companies tracked by venture scanner belong to the field of machine vision, with a cumulative venture capital of $960million. However, the inspection of self-adhesive is controlled by those of us who do experimental machines. Since 2015, domestic and foreign enterprises have competed to acquire excellent machine vision technology teams. The close attention of the capital market to machine vision technology comes from the three attributes of machine vision technology: the universality of application, the uniqueness of technology, and the economy of hardware

machine vision can carry out key applications in many fields with a certain market size without being bound by hardware costs. Machine vision has a wide range of applications, and can be applied in intelligent manufacturing and many intelligent life fields; It has unique characteristics in technology and is the only cutting-edge technology for non-contact identification and measurement of objects; It is cost-effective in hardware and will not cause cost pressure on the cost composition of products. Its universality and uniqueness make it a part of the core competitiveness of products in many fields; The economy can make the product get rid of the additional strain caused by the change of the sensitive gate resistance of the strain gauge caused by the temperature change; The shackles of hardware make it more flexible in product design and customer demand, and also make it more profitable

in the field of intelligent life, local technical teams are competing for research and development, and excellent terminal brands with products that meet practical needs will enjoy first mover dividends. In the field of intelligent life, machine vision technology is in the stage of gradually maturing. The breakthrough and maturity of technology, and the investment and layout of large companies with capital advantages for technical teams that can meet relevant national and international standards will be the driving force for the development of the industry. At the same time, excellent products that really meet the actual needs and have market space will be able to 4. Uphold the advanced, stick to the right path, and take the lead in public opinion, capital, human resources and other resources with the right world, and enjoy the first in bonus. Typical cases are the floor sweeping robot iRobot and Mobileye in the field of assisted driving

in the field of intelligent manufacturing, China's machine vision market will become the main growth point in the future. Domestic enterprises have launched layout one after another. China's machine vision industry started late. Although the market base is small, it has developed rapidly. In 2015, it accounted for 8.3% of the world, and has become the third largest machine vision market in the world. The main downstream industries, such as semiconductor and electronic manufacturing, automobile manufacturing and other fields, still mainly use manual detection in China. In the future, with the gradual increase of labor costs, the logic of machine replacement will be gradually realized in the field of machine vision. It is expected that the domestic machine vision market will maintain a growth rate of more than 15% in the next five years, and the market size will reach 3.34 billion yuan in 2018

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