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China's machine tool market will grow steadily in 2006

China's machine tool industry has made considerable progress after more than 50 years of development. Especially in the 21st century, it has been growing steadily and rapidly for several consecutive years

from January to May 2005, China's imports of metal processing machine tools increased by 25.4% year-on-year. The reason for this is that China's machine tool import quota is large and growing rapidly, which is related to the strong domestic demand. Due to the sustained and rapid economic development and strong domestic demand, China needs to import more high-tech equipment and high-quality and reliable equipment and parts. According to statistical data, from January to May 2005, the production and sales of automobiles in China totaled 2.3145 million and 2.271 million, with a year-on-year increase of 2.58% and 4.57%. As the largest user of machine tools, the automotive industry directly affects the production and sales of machine tools. The booming automobile sales in the first five months of this year have promoted the import of machine tools. With the growth of China's automobile output and the expansion of exports, there is a large space for domestic demand for CNC machine tools, machining centers and special machining machines

it is estimated that China's machine tool industry will maintain a steady growth in 2006, with industrial added value and profits increasing by 10% - 15%. The profits of the machine tool industry will still increase significantly and continue to maintain a good trend

the industry is developing rapidly

after four consecutive years of rapid development, China's machine tool industry has completed the main indicators of the tenth five year plan ahead of schedule. The tensile elastic modulus of the former State Economic and Trade Commission: the ratio of the tensile stress of the material in the elastic range to the corresponding tensile strain after long-term application. The "Tenth Five Year Plan" for the machine tool industry released puts forward that during the "Tenth Five Year Plan" (2001-2005), the machine tool industry should grow at a relatively fast speed. By 2005, the national output of CNC machine tools will reach 25000-30000, and the market share of CNC machine tools will reach 50%. The export of machine tools and tools earned more than 1.2 billion US dollars

As the first year of the Eleventh Five Year Plan (2006-2010), the machine tool industry will have a great leap in 2006. With the obvious transformation of China's economic growth mode, people's life will transition from a preliminary well-off to a higher and more affluent well-off, and the per capita GDP is significantly higher than the current average level of low-income countries, While the urbanization level has been greatly improved, the demand for machine tools has also increased with the increase of production

improvement of supporting facilities for the Olympic Games

with the arrival of the 2008 Olympic Games, the improvement of supporting projects for Olympic facilities, the level of urbanization will be significantly improved, and the low-level, incomplete and unbalanced well-off situation will be significantly changed. Driven by China's high-tech industry, China's demand for high, precision and cutting-edge machine tools will also be further increased, so that they can produce more sophisticated related products, such as composite processing The market demand for CNC machine tools and other mechanical equipment will increase greatly, which will become a new bright spot in the development of the industry and is expected to maintain a good development momentum

in the first half of 2005, China's economy continued to grow steadily and high, and the domestic market demand was strong. The products of machine tool manufacturing enterprises were in short supply, and the market awareness of enterprises was enhanced. The pursuit of corporate image and more orders at the exhibition was the biggest demand of enterprises

many manufacturers have set their eyes on the most influential CIMES CMTF exhibition in China. CIMES CMTF was founded in 1992 and held in Beijing every two years. In 2004, the scale has exceeded 50000m2. The exhibition attracted 882 exhibitors from 24 countries and regions, of which overseas exhibitors accounted for 23%. Nearly 130000 professional visitors from 41 countries and regions (4% of overseas visitors) have become the largest and most influential international machine tool market platform in China and even Asia in the biennium. In particular, CIMES cmtf2006 passed the certification of the global exhibition industry association (UFI) in March, 2005, marking another big step towards internationalization, standardization and specialization of the exhibition, and has been widely concerned by the manufacturing industry at home and abroad

cimes cmtf2006 exhibitors are enthusiastic for fear of missing this grand event. The scale of this exhibition is 60000m2. It is reported that some of the world's FL pendulum impact testing machines are mainly used for metal Charpy impact experiments. The world's famous machine tool giants booked the booth of this exhibition as early as the closing of the last exhibition. They said that from the scale and form of recent exhibitions, they had long expected the future trend of the exhibition and the unprecedented influence in the industry, More and more international exhibitors will carry out large-scale exhibitions with the latest products and more overseas professional visitors will make this market more active and become the latest feature of CIMES cmtf2006. At the same time, the target audience and competitors concerned by international and domestic exhibitors will appear at the exhibition, and the people who want to know and must contact will also appear at the exhibition

cimes cmtf2006 will soon exhibit world-class machining machines, such as turning based composite machining machines, milling based composite machining machines and other composite machining machines, which basically represent the future development direction of world machine tools

cimes cmtf2006 machine tools will be larger in scale, with many varieties, reflecting a higher level, from which we can see the development direction of machine tools

in 2006, the trend of China's machine tool market will combine the development of numerical control technology, software technology, information technology and reliability technology, and develop in the direction of component simplification, structure compactness, configuration modularization and component commercialization

the performance of machine tools will also be diversified according to the processing requirements of users. There are fully functional machine tools suitable for multi variety, single piece and small batch production conditions, as well as special machine tools suitable for improving production efficiency and large batch production conditions. At the same time, compound machining technology also has a broad development prospect in heavy and large machine tools. Compound machining and CNC machine tools will be an important direction of machine tool development in the future, giving our customers competitive advantages

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