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Machine tool industry: product upgrading and development to build a platform to take the lead

the pointer of time is set back to the beginning of 2009. Under the "threat" of the global financial crisis, the domestic machine tool industry as a whole is in a downturn and shrinking state, and the machine tool industry is also deeply affected. In the face of the crisis, machine tool enterprises have turned pressure into power, regarded the crisis as a turning point, took scientific and technological innovation as the "killer mace" to deal with the crisis, strengthened the research and development of new products, and focused on the improvement of machine tool automation. According to incomplete statistics, last year, the machine tool industry sold more than 30000 sets of equipment, an increase of about 15% over 2008, which is also the year in which the county machine tool launched the most new products in recent years

scientific and technological innovation cultivates the internal skills of enterprises

if you want to calmly deal with the crisis, you must be fully prepared in the early stage. In Yuhuan, where many economic miracles have been born, the innovative energy possessed by machine tool people has just played an amazing role in the crisis. As a banner in the industry, Kanmen machine tool plant has made great efforts to promote industrial transformation and upgrading by relying on scientific and technological innovation in the past year, which is an epitome of the continuous progress of the machine tool industry in our county in the difficulties

although it is close to the end of the year, when I walked into Kanmen machine tool factory recently, I saw a hot production scene. Zhang Yong, the director of the office who independently completed the setting of experimental parameters, the control of experimental process, data collection, processing, analysis and display in the experimental process, told that compared with the market depression and bleak customer orders in early 2009, the production operation and sales of the enterprise have returned to normal this year, and the inventory in spring has been fully prepared

although affected by the financial crisis, the competition between domestic medium and low-end machine tools is still fierce. Kammen machine tool factory realizes that in order to survive and develop, it must develop high-tech products, improve product quality and grade, and have its own characteristic products. In 2009, after a large number of market research at home and abroad, Kamen machine tool factory found that a large number of micro turning and milling machines are needed in all fields, while the existing turning and milling machines in the international market are not only too large in volume, high in power consumption, but also expensive. For this reason, Kanmen machine tool factory cooperates with Huazhong University of science and technology to develop a micro turning and milling compound machine, which makes up for the gap at home and abroad, and is of great significance to the machining of small parts, teaching, laboratories and household machine tools. In addition, the factory also invested more than 5million yuan for technological transformation, and introduced ERP system management software to enable the enterprise to establish a complete database

it is understood that in 2009, Kanmen machine tool factory sold more than 2000 machine tools, with a production output value of more than 70 million yuan. It is worth mentioning that Kanmen machine tool factory has gradually reduced the production and sales of medium and low-end products since 2009, and increased the research, development, production and sales of medium and high-end products. From economical low-end CNC machine tools to mid-end multi-purpose modular machine tools with a higher degree of automation, the accuracy of instrument processing has been continuously improved, and the design concept of machine tools has changed from manufacturing to manufacturing services, providing users with more help. The continuous introduction of new products has not only made Kanmen machine tool plant gain a lot of orders, but also laid a good foundation for market competition in the next few years. Looking forward to the future, Kanmen machine tool plant is full of confidence. After the products gradually move towards the middle and high end, Kanmen machine tool plant put forward the goal of achieving an output value of 140million yuan in 2010. Building a platform is another instant response. Now it's gorgeous to turn around

in the past year, machine tool manufacturing enterprises of all sizes in our county have faced great pressure and tests. How to turn pressure into power and challenges into opportunities, so that the machine tool industry can smoothly tide over difficulties and achieve stable and healthy development? Zhanghuixiang, Secretary General of the county machine tool industry association, said that building an exchange platform is the inevitable choice for whether the transmission has normal action to cope with the crisis and seize the development opportunity when running at low speed. "Exchange" has enabled many enterprises to embark on a broader path

from October 31 to November 2, 2009, our county held the Sixth China Yuhuan machine tool mold technology and equipment exhibition. The exhibition attracted 266 machine tool enterprises from Germany, Italy, Japan and other countries and regions, as well as more than 20 provinces and cities such as Shenyang, Dalian, Yunnan and Chongqing. The excellent machine tools at home and abroad gathered in Yuhuan, which has built an excellent platform for machine tool manufacturing enterprises in our county to purchase machine tool equipment, exchange manufacturing technology and seek win-win cooperation

when the 6th China Yuhuan machine tool mould technology and equipment exhibition opened last year, it was in the period of global economic recovery. As a rare production cluster of small and medium-sized CNC machine tools in China, more than 30 enterprises, such as "Kanmen machine tool", "Zhongxing CNC", "Zhenhuan machine tool" and "heidman machine tool", have made large-scale centralized appearances, demonstrating the strength of Yuhuan as a national CNC machine tool production cluster

according to statistics, 446 international standard booths participated in this exhibition, the highest in previous years, an increase of 24.6% over 2008. In just three days, it attracted 33000 visitors and completed nearly 200million yuan of cooperation intention and on-site transaction volume. The exhibition has brought many unexpected surprises to the organizers and exhibitors. In Zhang Huixiang's words, Yuhuan machine tool industry has completed a new appearance and beautiful turn. The government takes the lead in increasing market development

technological transformation with independent innovation as the core has become one of the effective measures to deal with the crisis and maintain the aftereffect of industrial development in Yuhuan region. In addition, increasing market development and organizing technical exchanges are also important factors for the healthy and steady development of the industry

In May, 2009, some machine tool enterprises in our county went to Chongqing to participate in the 10th Lijia International Machine Tool Exhibition. At the exhibition, more than 40 machine tools engraved with "Yuhuan manufacturing" were sold out, and the exhibition group also brought back orders of tens of millions of yuan. According to Zhang Huixiang, in 2009, the county government took the lead in organizing enterprises in the county to participate in exhibitions in Shanghai, Chongqing and Beijing. In addition, associations and enterprises themselves also actively participate in various exhibitions at home and abroad, so as to achieve the purpose of exchanging information and learning technology

"compared with previous years, last year, the machine tool manufacturing enterprises in our county took the latest and best products to the exhibition. The participating exhibits have greatly improved both in product quality and scientific and technological content, and further launched the Yuhuan brand. After the enterprises returned from the exhibition, many enterprises received orders from buyers." Zhanghuixiang, Secretary General of the county Machine Tool Association, said that the Yangtze River Delta region is the original traditional market of the county's machine tool industry, and now enterprises have positioned their future market in the central and western regions

Zhang Huixiang said that with the deepening of industrial agglomeration, the success of innovation and accumulation, and the accumulation of a large number of talents, Yuhuan machine tool will provide more vitality and vigor for China's equipment manufacturing industry with its advanced skills of precision, refinement, precision, precision and refinement in the process of expanding the medium and high-end market

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