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Machine vision has become a highlight of the "15th South China Automation Exhibition"

from June 29 to July 1, 2011, with the approval of the Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China, the 15th South China International Exhibition on industrial control automation hosted by the Guangdong Provincial Department of science and technology and Guangdong exhibition promotion Co., Ltd. should still attract attention. The 15th International Exhibition on industrial control automation hosted by the company will be grandly held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. The scale of this exhibition has soared by 50%, reaching 25000 square meters, More than 500 Chinese and foreign brands came together with advanced technology and equipment, and the machine vision exhibition area reached more than 150 booths for the first time, becoming a beautiful scenic spot of this exhibition

machine vision is an important part of industrial automation system. In recent years, it is becoming one of the emerging highlights in the field of industrial automation BASF claims to have a wide range of materials in the chemical industry to develop 3D printing materials. At present, it has been widely used in semiconductor, integrated circuit, liquid crystal, consumer electronics, printing, pharmaceutical, automobile manufacturing, mechanical processing and other fields, Machine vision is ushering in the spring of development in China. South China is the most important manufacturing base and electronic information industry base in China. To expand China's machine vision market, we must seize the commanding height of the South China market

since 2008, the Organizing Committee of the conference, together with the China graphics and imaging society, has held a machine vision special exhibition and seminar at the South China Automation Exhibition for many consecutive years. This is the first large-scale professional exhibition platform in the field of machine vision in South China. The exhibition directly faces the application market, highlights pertinence and practicality, and develops the South China Machine Vision market for enterprises. 2. Maximum dynamic experimental force: 2Kn; Dynamic Volatility: no more than 0.5% opens the window of the world. After several years of active cultivation, the machine vision area has become a highlight and characteristic exhibition area of South China Automation Exhibition, which is unique in the current China Automation Exhibition

under the careful organization of the organizing committee, the machine vision area of this exhibition has reached the scale of more than 150 booths. When machine vision is still in its infancy in China and there are few enterprises, this scale has been numbered in the industry. Konasi, maxken, Bonner, Hongfu, Daheng, the former expensive, Lingyun, Yingji, Mengtuo, opter, Qike, Bochuang, mingchuang, IDS and other brands have signed up to participate, and most of them appear in the image of special booth. At that time, exhibitors will show the latest products and research results of machine vision to the audience, and demonstrate the application fields and technical characteristics of products to the audience through various ways

this exhibition will continue to adopt the form of combining exhibition and forum. While providing brand promotion and commercial value, it will be supplemented by a professional forum platform to bring exhibitors a marketing mode of combining production and research. At that time, relevant experts, scholars and business elites will explain and demonstrate the latest technologies, applications, market trends and development trends in the field of machine vision to more than 300 professionals

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