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There are huge business opportunities in the machine tool market

there are huge business opportunities in the machine tool Market -- the "supermarket" of machine tools impacts on the traditional sales model

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Guide: the traditional sales model of the domestic machine tool industry, which has adhered to the commission system for many years, is being strongly impacted by the current professional machine tool market. Guangdong Shunlian International Machinery City, which is about to open, will appear as a machine tool supermarket. The direct selling mode of machine tool manufacturing enterprises directly facing users will become more and more. The orders of plastic extruder enterprises will rebound, and exports will be used steadily and more

the traditional sales mode of the entrusted sales system that the domestic machine tool industry has adhered to for many years is being strongly impacted by the current professional machine tool market. Guangdong Shunlian International Machinery City, which is about to open, will appear as a "supermarket" for machine tools. Machine tool manufacturing, such as the utilization of nano new material graphene, and the direct sales mode of enterprises directly facing users will be increasingly recognized by users

there are great business opportunities in the machine tool market in the Pearl River Delta

data shows that the demand for machine tools by domestic enterprises is more than 45billion yuan every year. The Pearl River Delta region is an important manufacturing area, and the demand for machine tools reaches about 10billion yuan every year, with an annual growth rate of 10%. This growth is mainly from the East Bank of the Pearl River, which is dominated by Taiwan and Hong Kong enterprises, and the demand accounts for more than 70% of the total. This is because in the past, when Taiwan and Hong Kong enterprises set up factories in the Pearl River Delta, most of them imported equipment from abroad. With the continuous improvement of the technical level of China's machine tool industry, a number of domestic machine tools have gradually reached the international advanced level, and the price is only two-thirds or one-half of the imported machine tools. Now this demand is turning to the domestic market

the auxiliary machines of the plastic extrusion unit mainly include setting out device, straightening device, preheating device, cooling device, traction device and meter counter. The manufacturing industry in the West Bank of the Pearl River, which is dominated by private enterprises, is also very developed. With the gradual expansion and industrial upgrading of these enterprises, the demand for mechanical equipment is also increasing rapidly

China's machine tool industry has implemented commissioned sales for many years, which is easy to be divorced from production and sales, and is not conducive to machine tool manufacturers to keenly capture market dynamics and expand the market. After the transformation of some large state-owned machine tool manufacturing enterprises, sales branches are set up in areas where the sales focus is made of expensive new materials. Because the single sales volume of the machine tool industry is hundreds of thousands of yuan, many of them are millions of yuan, the capital operation of the sales branches is also more difficult. Although the exhibition that machine tool enterprises participate in can be sold at the same time, it is difficult to become a climate due to the short exhibition time

machine tool "supermarket" surfaced

aiming at the huge business opportunities of the machine tool market in the Pearl River Delta, Shunde Shunlian International Machinery City, which was built by Shunde Shunlian Group Co., Ltd. at Chen Village, Shunde, with an investment of 200million yuan, is about to be completed, and the investment attraction work is also very smooth. As of September 10, more than 200 enterprises have subscribed for rent and exhibition, with a rate of 80%

according to he Qian, general manager of Shunlian International Machinery City, the machinery city mainly sells metal cutting machine tools, forging machinery, precision CNC machine tools, etc. Shunlian International Machinery City adopts manufacturers to set up sites here for many years to sell machine tools through direct sales. If users want to buy machine tools, as long as they enter the machinery City, it is like entering the "supermarket", and they can choose and buy them freely. The three basic functions of the market, namely, commodity trading function, information provision function and capital accommodation function, will be fully reflected

-- commodity trading function. Covering an area of 250 Mu and a construction area of 80000 square meters in the first phase of the project, Shunde Chencun Shunlian International Machinery City is about to open. The machinery city will become the first never-ending Expo in China's machine tool industry. In the machine tool trade in South China, Chen Village price is about to take shape. At that time, the price of machine tools in Chencun may affect the whole South China market

-- information providing function. Machine tool supply and demand information can be easily obtained in Chen village. What machine tools sell well; What machine tool flat pin; What machine tools are unsalable is very clear here. In addition, users can also meet with manufacturers directly here, and machine tool manufacturers can provide "tailored" products at any time. In terms of information provision, Shunlian Machinery City will work closely with South China machinery to give full play to the advantages of network resources and provide Chencun machine tool trading information to the whole country at any time

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