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Seamless interconnection of machine tools domestic "smart machine tool cloud" appeared at the intersection of

"seamless interconnection of machine tools, real-time data transmission, one-stop access to the cloud, transparent and visible process, comprehensive analysis of energy efficiency, I didn't expect that domestic machine tools are so intelligent". On April 19, at the 16th China International Machine Tool Exhibition being held in Beijing, "intelligent industrial cloud service based on hancloud" attracted a lot of entrepreneurs

with the development of digitalization, it has become the consensus of enterprises to improve product quality, improve production efficiency and optimize production process through intelligent upgrading. Machine tool enterprises are no exception. After the machine tool is put on the cloud, the staff can know the equipment service time, lubrication, processing efficiency and specific capacity in real time, so as to realize information sharing and optimize production configuration

"intelligent industrial cloud service based on Hanyun hanclouds" is jointly launched by Ningjiang machine tool, the leading domestic machine tool enterprise, the 706 Institute of the second Academy of Aerospace Science and industry of China, and Wuxi Hanyun technology. The C1 experimental device of Hanyun technology should have a nameplate (Yan marked with model, manufacturer name, factory number and (5) supply side reform effect obvious period) OO Lin Jiangbin introduced that the "intelligent industrial cloud service based on Hanyun hanclouds" solution comprehensively utilizes the intelligent data acquisition technology, IOT technology Edge computing technology and Hanyun hanclou cloud service technology, which is the most suitable DS industrial interconnection platform for customers, provide comprehensive resource management and process analysis for machine tool users through the combination of software and hardware, and the use of service screw and screw nut as the way to perform component leasing. Users do not need to set up an additional machine tool management center, which undoubtedly greatly reduces the cost of the enterprise and improves the production efficiency

"intelligent industrial cloud service based on hanclouds" solution has a complete communication adaptation and security system, which can be compatible with a variety of CNC systems and protect business privacy. It is reported that after the underlying data is uploaded to Hanyun hanclouds platform through intelligent IOT customs, the platform uses big data technology to help manufacturers achieve the precipitation of industrial knowledge mechanism. At the same time, the platform can also provide a visual application development kit, which can drag and drop applications on demand without code, so that enterprises can continue to upgrade intelligently

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