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Hande axle Co., Ltd. successfully completed the production and operation objectives of the first half of the year

hande axle Co., Ltd. successfully completed the production and operation objectives of the first half of the year

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facing the increasingly complex internal and external development environment and situation, hande axle Co., Ltd. took positive actions to optimize and improve the production and operation strength of the company from many aspects

demand orientation enhances marketing strength

the company focuses on both domestic and international markets, takes market and customer demand as guidance, and makes precise efforts. In the domestic market, the marketing strategy of "key follow-up, key breakthrough" was adopted. By following up key customers, visiting key markets, subdividing and deeply digging customer needs, the bus market was effectively expanded, and the truck and off highway markets were consolidated and improved

in the first half of the year, the domestic sales of hande axle Co., Ltd. increased by 17% year-on-year. In the international market, the company strengthened the construction of international sales team, strengthened the development of overseas key markets and customer service, made breakthroughs in key markets and customers, and officially entered the international supply system of customers, which effectively promoted the implementation of hande's "internationalization" strategy

the global warming coefficient of innovation level has been improved by 16% to improve the efficiency of R & d

innovation is the inexhaustible driving force for the rapid development of hande axle Co., Ltd. At the beginning of the year, hande axle Co., Ltd. took the principle of flattening and high efficiency, relying on the provincial technology center, the provincial post doctoral innovation base and other platforms, and improved the efficiency of product development by building a new R & D organization, establishing a technology center, strengthening new product management, competitive bidding analysis, integrating advantageous resources, and strengthening the research of key components

after half a year of practice, hande axle Co., Ltd. has a richer product series of passenger car bridges, truck bridges and engineering axles, and some products have filled the gap in the domestic industry, laying a solid foundation for the high-end products. According to statistics, in January, the sales revenue of new products accounted for more than 60%, 7 percentage points higher than the budget target

strengthen control and improve product quality

hande axle Co., Ltd. starts from production, procurement, quality and other aspects, takes the "quality upgrading" project as the driving force, quickly introduces nine modules of team management, and promotes the transformation of production management from focusing on hardware to improving the quality of employees; Build a system performance evaluation system based on five modules: production, procurement and supply, equipment, machining and assembly, and realize the digitization of the production system management mode; The preventive maintenance management of equipment was promoted, and the equipment inventory control mode was established, which effectively improved the utilization rate of equipment

in addition, through the signing of KPI with DIN 16892 (2) 000 for XLPE pipes with high specific surface area and good conductivity, a joint improvement team was established to strengthen the quality control in the field of cathode materials for key parts of export bridges, so that the batch qualification rate of purchased parts increased by 1.05 percentage points year-on-year

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