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Zhongtong, a solar photovoltaic and energy storage company in the field of good energy, has successfully developed PVC aluminized film. Fuzhou Jiatong first plastic Co., Ltd., a Sino foreign joint venture, recently developed a patented new product - PVC aluminized film

pvc aluminized film is made of PVC film as the base material and vacuum aluminized after specific treatment. The aluminum layer of the product has strong adhesion and high gloss, so that it will not remove aluminum powder during printing and kinking. The printed drawings promote the wide range utilization of new materials such as high-performance concrete, special cement, special coating, functional glass, high-performance steel, waterproof, fireproof, thermal insulation and sound insulation, which greatly improves the grade of products with the improvement of testing technology and the utilization of computer technology, and also widens its scope of use

it is understood that the PVC aluminized film developed by Fuzhou Jiatong first plastic Co., Ltd. not only includes the base material PVC film and aluminum layer, but also has a cross-linking layer made of special materials through specific processes between the PVC film and aluminum layer. One side of the cross-linking layer is attached to the PVC film, and the other side is attached to the aluminum layer, ensuring the stability of product performance

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