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Machine tool manufacturing enterprises and industrial robots

industrial robots are making great strides into the field of machine tools, and are in contact with machine tools to provide users with various characteristic intelligent manufacturing equipment. At present, the use of robots in machine tools by international enterprises is still in its infancy, and many practical and practical achievements have not been fully understood and handled

1. The rapid growth of the integrated utilization of robots and machine tools

the professional exposition of powerful men is the best window to reflect the overall environment and technological trends of an industry. We might as well take a look at the growth environment of the integrated utilization of robots and machine tools from several well-known machine tool expositions at home and abroad in the past three years

(1) environment of ccmt2014 Expo

the full name of the exhibition is China CNC machine tool Expo, which was stopped by China Machine Tool East West Industry Association in the middle of Shanghai New International Expo from February 24 to 28, 2014. A total of 64 cases of integrated utilization of robots and machine tools with 6 hubs were displayed at the exhibition, which was more than double the 31 cases in the previous exhibition (ccmt2012), enough to affirm the popularity of integrated utilization of robots and machine tools in the future

at this exhibition, robot manufacturers, robot integrators and robot utilization enterprises gathered for the first time. The number of machine tool enterprises exhibiting self-made robots has also increased from 3 to 7 in the previous session, including Guangzhou CNC, Nanjing Easton, Danian even machine tool, central China CNC, Danian even Guangyang, Beicun machine tool, Chengdu Guangtai, etc. among them, 4 were originally mainly engaged in CNC parts

at the exhibition, another eye-catching target was Qinchuan machine tool's personal exhibition of its self-developed robot public RV accelerator, and on the eve of the lunar new year, Lian Guangyang exhibited a milling robot with a tool magazine and an electric spindle, which turned the robot itself into a processing center

(2) environment of emo2013 European machine tool Expo

the exhibition was stopped by the European machine tool industry cooperation committee in Hannover, Germany, from September 16 to 21, 2013. Its numerous cases of integrated use of industrial robots and CNC machine tools became a major highlight of the exhibition. In particular, KUKA company and Siemens company combined to stop the old news announcement and announced that the two sides will carry out comprehensive business cooperation to jointly promote the intelligent and active processing scheme of "industry 4.0", which has become a top priority of the exhibition

at the ccmt2014 exhibition, these two companies have stopped the combination of the integrated utilization of robots and machine tools

at the exhibition, the integrated utilization of robots and machine tools was revealed everywhere. For example, dmgmori exhibited a variety of active processing solutions such as loading and unloading of industrial robots. None of the six CNC lathes exhibited by spinner company were loaded and unloaded by robots. To ensure the safety of the staff, Mazak, Okuma, Emag, and Danian even machine tools also exhibited exhibits of the integrated utilization of robots and machine tools

(3) imts2012 Expo environment

the exhibition was stopped by the American Machinery Manufacturing Technology Association in Chicago, USA, from September 10 to 15, 2012. At the exhibition, the exhibition momentum of industrial robots was unparalleled. KUKA, abb, Yaskawa and Fanuc, the world's four major robot manufacturers, all made high-profile statements and exhibited a large number of robot exhibits with different specifications and uses

industrial robots are used as main machines in most utilization areas such as welding, handling, stacking, assembly, etc. Contrary to this, robots supporting machine tools are usually used as auxiliary machines to play a role. The detailed utilization situation in the future mainly includes:

among them, FANUC not only exhibited welding robots and handling robots with a handling weight of 1350kg, but also demonstrated the flexible manufacturing unit composed of four drilling centers and two robots on site; KUKA company revealed a cutting robot in the middle of the booth. Other robot manufacturers participating in the exhibition cannot be listed

many machine tool manufacturers, including internationally renowned machine tool manufacturers demagison Seiji, Makino, Mazak, Okuma, SLF, and Okuma, have also revealed the flexible units formed by CNC machine tools and industrial robots, hexagon has revealed the use of robots in measurement, and weldonsolution has revealed the use of robots in sorting

from the above three well-known machine tool exhibitions, we can clearly see that industrial robots are making great strides into the field of machine tools and connecting with machine tools to provide users with various characteristic intelligent manufacturing equipment

the notices that constitute this kind of rapid growth trend, of course, have a lot to do with the leading and catalytic effects brought by China's industrial transformation and upgrading, the rapid progress of China's human capital, the decline in the cost of industrial robots and functional progress. At the same time, there are no special notices in the field of machine tools. First, with the endless perfection of machine tool numerical control technology and the maturity of various active detection and static compensation technologies, The growth of machine tool technology has entered a new stage of intellectualization, and the intervention of robots has only played a role of adding fuel to the fire; Second, the integrated utilization of robots and machine tools also has some special advantages

for example, with the increase of machine tool density, the plant operation rate has improved; Extend the time of assistance to improve the effectiveness of machine tool tasks; The accuracy and repeatability of operation are higher than those of natural people; The possibility of industrial injury is greatly increased; Can continue to work for a long time without emotional achievements and emotional needs, and so on

2. The primary situation of the integrated utilization of robots and machine tools

in most areas of utilization, such as welding, handling, palletizing, assembly, etc., industrial robots are used as host machines. Contrary to this, robots supporting machine tools are usually used as auxiliary machines to play a role. The detailed utilization situation in the future mainly includes:

(1) single machine loading and unloading

single machine loading and unloading is the most typical and mature utilization of robots on machine tools. It is more accurate, agile and safe than manual loading and unloading. For the processing of small and medium-sized parts with large production volume and short processing time, or bulky workpieces that need to be hoisted, the advantages of loading and unloading of robots are particularly greater than the layout relationship between robots and machine tools, which can be divided into two situations: robots are installed outside the machine tools and integrated with the machine tools. Robots installed outside the machine tool can be divided into fixed type, mobile type and rack type

(2) robots and machine tools form a flexible production line

robots undertake the task of process conversion of workpieces, and form a flexible production line with several machine tools. It is a larger and more valuable use than single machine loading and unloading. In the process of industrial transformation and upgrading in the future, the market demand is more and more prosperous

in this kind of utilization, the layout of machine tools depends on factors such as process lines and on-site premises. There are rare situations such as L-shaped, U-shaped, linear, and split face insertion. Among them, three CNC machine tools form a U-shaped layout, and a robot stops workpiece conversion in the middle of the garden. This kind of layout is very compact

(3) complete the processing process together with the machine tool

the robot clamps the workpiece to complete the processing operation on the punching, shearing and bending machine to ensure that its experimental size fixture is between 180mm), which is not only a huge loading and unloading, but also a substitute for all the original manual work. This is more accurate and faster than manual operation, thus improving the quality and efficiency of production. In particular, the hidden danger of industrial injury of stamping machine tools has been completely handled

(4) independently complete the processing procedure

install a common claw on the robot, which can complete the cutting, grinding, polishing, washing and other technological processes. Even if the robot can directly hold the cutting thing and stop drilling, tapping and riveting the workpiece, it can also stop cutting. In this kind of scene, the robot itself is a machine tool

robots with vision and touch can be used in huge processes such as assembly and parts sorting. Even for loading and unloading, public station tools with positioning assembly can be eliminated

special grippers are provided for robot equipment, which can be used for forging and forging machinery in high-temperature environment, and complete tasks that are difficult to be directly completed manually, such as taking molten iron, pouring, up and down hot blanks, changing hot state molds, etc

industrial robot is a kind of general-purpose active assembly with high flexibility. Its utilization, processing and functions have endless room for expansion. In the integrated utilization of machine tools, the detailed utilization of industrial robots is also being explored and innovated

3. The environment for international machine tool enterprises to develop and use robots

because industrial robots are similar to CNC machine tools in principle and layout. They are all controlled by CNC system and driven by servo motor to complete the active assembly of accurate position movement. Therefore, machine tool manufacturing enterprises have considerable advantages in the development of industrial robots. Therefore, many robot manufacturing enterprises at home and abroad have no foundation of machine tool manufacturing

there are also some machine tool enterprises with sensitive eyes in the world, who have been involved in the R & D and manufacturing of industrial robots since a few years ago, aware of the huge business opportunities that are coming. At present, there are two main types of machine tool enterprises that carry out robot development in the world. One is CNC fragmentary manufacturers, such as Guangshu, central China CNC, Nanjing Easton, Dalian Guangyang, and Chengdu Guangtai

the other is the main engine plants with complete product categories and advantages in undertaking complete sets of projects, such as Dalian Machine Tool Co., Ltd., Shenyang Machine Tool Co., Ltd., Xi'an Beicun, etc. In addition, Qinchuan machine tool individual, who is good at manufacturing compact gears, has successfully developed a RV accelerator for robots after years of fun, and has begun to move towards property

among these enterprises, Guangzhou CNC and Nanjing Easton have entered the ranks of the leading manufacturers of international industrial robots, with considerable popularity and influence. It has been six or seven years since Guangzhou CNC started to develop industrial robots. Now it has the production ability of 1000 sets, and many successful cases have been accumulated in the utilization of machine tools. Nanjing Easton focuses more on the use of robots on forming machines

4. Achievements that need attention and treatment at present

at present, the use of robots in machine tools by international enterprises is still in its infancy, and many actual and practical achievements have not been fully familiar with and processed. For example, the most common use situation is to combine machine tools and robots together, using a set of control systems respectively. To give full play to the advantages of the integrated utilization of robots and machine tools, we still need to make unremitting efforts

(1) machine tool enterprises developing robots should give full play to the inherent advantages of property related, and establish higher growth goals

from the fundamental practical research and utilization, to the perfection of manufacturing and assembly technology, to the breakthrough of accelerator, servo motor and other basic parts, do not make every effort to contribute to the promotion of the water safety and quiet quality of domestic robots

(2) in order to promote the integration and utilization of machine tools and robots, we should pay close attention to the discussion and formulation of relevant technical standards

in this category, there are some special requirements for the control of machine tools and robots and the layout of machinery, which requires the formulation of stop standards through standards

(3) efforts should be made to cultivate robot professionals and popularize relevant knowledge

because it is an emerging property, the development and utilization of robots are scarce. Especially in terms of utilization, at present, in the world, whether robots

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