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Flowserve and BASF jointly carried out the overall sustainability assessment and launched more sustainable lubricating oil products - life cycle analysis of hydraulic oil

Flowserve and BASF jointly carried out the overall sustainability assessment and launched more sustainable lubricating oil products - life cycle analysis of hydraulic oil

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▪ Ecological efficiency analysis jointly carried out: carry out a comprehensive analysis of "from raw materials to the end of use", and conduct an overall assessment of the environmental and economic effects of hydraulic oil

for more than a decade, Flowserve has always been committed to promoting its sustainable development strategy, as a representative of the lubricating oil industry, and contributing to climate protection. As a long-term partner of Flowserve, BASF also has rich successful experience in converting low-density plastics into fuel in the field of environmental protection, which is now economically feasible. Recently, Flowserve and BASF Global Business Department of fuel and lubricant solutions have carried out ecological efficiency analysis (EEA) on different mineral oil-based hydraulic oils, which also represents that the overall real sustainability assessment for lubricating oil hydraulic oil has a solid foundation

at present, the dominant evaluation method is "from raw materials to clients", which only evaluates the life cycle of some products until the completion of product manufacturing. While Flowserve and BASF used the method of "from raw materials to making the general tensile testing machine unable to meet the end of such a high tensile space for hoisting" when evaluating different hydraulic oils. This evaluation evaluated the environmental and economic aspects of the products involved in the whole life cycle (from raw material procurement, production process to use and disposal stage). The EEA study comprehensively considered the whole life cycle of relevant products during the use of Crawler excavators. The results clearly showed that compared with ordinary HLP fluid (single-stage pressure oil), the high-quality HVLP fluid studied (high-performance multi-stage hydraulic oil) had less impact on the environment and lower overall cost. This advantage is mainly due to the improvement of diesel fuel economy during the use of Crawler excavators, that is, the improvement of volumetric efficiency, the reduction of friction and the reduction of fluid mass circulation ratio. These factors significantly offset the high carbon footprint of products in the "from raw materials to customers" stage. Specific fully formulated multi-stage hydraulic oil has higher hydraulic oil efficiency, which is the main factor to help improve fuel economy

Dr. Lutz Lindemann, chief technology officer of Flowserve oil group, said: "Through this research, we have jointly created a precedent for the sustainability assessment of the lubricating oil industry. We attach great importance to BASF's extensive abilities in sustainability and the existence of these problems, so that China's plastic machinery industry cannot meet the foreign plastic machinery level analysis methods as soon as possible. BASF combines these abilities with Flowserve's practical, practical and application related technical know-how in the construction of quality system to make it It has been fully applied. Flowserve and BASF are currently further deepening their research in order to carry out joint evaluation, and further investigate the application cases of BASF's sustainable product portfolio of lubricant components. "

Dr. Julia Frey, vice president of Europe, Middle East and Africa business management of BASF Europe's fuel and lubricant solutions business department, said: "sustainable development is the core of our business. As a leading solution provider serving various industries, our desire is to work with partners to continue to promote the implementation of fact based solutions in the fuel and lubricant industry."

as the first example, on the one hand, this study proves that the "from raw materials to the end of use" evaluation method has obvious advantages over the "from raw materials to the client" method; On the other hand, it is also proved that the specially designed multistage high viscosity index (VI) hydraulic oil has a positive impact on the "from raw materials to the end of use" analysis method. The fluids studied are mineral oil-based hydraulic oils of different quality grades. The use of ester based hydraulic oil, the so-called biodegradable ester based (hees) hydraulic oil, is expected to have more beneficial effects on EEA. Compared with conventional mineral oil-based hydraulic oil, this kind of hydraulic oil has natural shear resistance and viscosity index stability (VI), and can effectively reduce friction. Another environmental benefit is its good biodegradability. The next research will be carried out for this kind of ester based hydraulic oil

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