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the size of China's machine vision market is nearly 7billion, and the speed of technology renewal is accelerated.

in China, the application of machine vision originated from the introduction of technology in the 1980s. China's machine vision started late in China, and its real wide application in the industrial field is less than a decade, which is far behind the development speed and scale of China's industrial automation market

after years of gestation and accumulation, the economic growth of the industry recovered in 2010, and the industry achieved a rapid growth of 48%. In 2010, the main reasons for the rapid growth of the machine vision market are: the sharp growth in the demand of many industries, such as electronic manufacturing, municipal transportation, automobile, food and packaging machinery, has led to the growth in the demand for automation products, including machine vision; The growth brought by policy factors and endogenous recovery is obvious in municipal transportation, automobile and electronic manufacturing industries

from the perspective of industrial application, the electronic manufacturing industry is still the main factor driving the rapid growth of demand. In 2010, the market size of the electronic manufacturing industry of machine vision products was 370million yuan, an increase of 60.9%, and the market share reached 43.6%. The market scale of automobile and municipal transportation increased by 66.7% and 63.2%. Electronic manufacturing, automobile manufacturing and municipal transportation industries account for more than 2/3 of the machine vision market share

in 2011, China's machine vision market began to start, and the industry entered a period of rapid development. According to the data of the "machine vision industry development prospects and investment prediction and analysis report" released by the prospective industry research institute, the market size of China's machine vision industry in 2011 was about 1.08 billion yuan; In 2013, it reached 3.54 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 55.94%; By 2016, the market size was close to 7billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 13.40%, accounting for about 15% of the global market

statistics of China's machine vision market size

at present, "China is the largest cotton producing country in the world. Machine vision technology uses some functions of computers to imitate biological vision, which is far from the real biological vision. In order to achieve a complete functional effect of biological vision, engineers and technicians need to make continuous efforts and study carefully.

the application field continues to expand

in foreign countries, machine vision technology has been widely used, machine vision products are diversified, and machine vision Technology is also improving. However, in China, the promotion of machine vision products and the popularization of technology have just started in recent years, so they are not used much, and the comprehensive development situation needs to be further improved

new ideas appear in product promotion

the machine vision product market has experienced a change from the previous PC based products, which are usually divided into direct test and 3-axis experiment, to the current embedded system products, which occupy the largest market share. With the rapid development of computer technology 6, bellows ring stiffness testing machine and microelectronics technology, the application field of embedded system is becoming more and more extensive. The products developed by embedded operating system have high reliability, good maintainability, and are convenient for continuous improvement and upgrading. Therefore, embedded products will gradually replace board and card products, which is the development trend of the whole industry

however, this does not mean that board and card products are meaningless. Compared with embedded system development products, board and card products need a higher level of technology. The introduction of board vision products with a higher level of technology is of great help to improve the R & D strength of domestic machine vision products

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