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In August, the scientific instrument salon held the Internet + help laboratory open sharing service

instrument information with the prosperity of Internet technology and sharing economy, more and more products of sharing economy are joining the market, including the open sharing of scientific instruments. On August 31, 2018, the theme Salon of "innovation sharing, sharing and win-win" - Internet + assistance laboratory open and shared services, hosted by the capital science and technology conditions platform testing and certification field center, was successfully held in Beijing Haidian Garden Hotel Conference Center. More than 20 representatives from colleges and universities, scientific research institutes and enterprises jointly discussed the need for us to develop and explore the laboratory open sharing mechanism under the new situation

Internet + help laboratory open shared services theme salon site

Su, director of Technical Cooperation Department of Beijing scientific instrument and equipment cooperation Service Center "We are working together with important allies and partners. Liqing presides over the salon activities.

it is understood that China has formed an initial scale of scientific instrument sharing group and built a national open sharing service center. The awareness of scientific instrument sharing has been gradually improved, and the quantity and quality of sharing have been continuously improved. At the same time, however, the lack of detailed rules for the implementation of domestic scientific instrument sharing policies, the lack of unified standards for scientific instrument sharing information platforms, and sharing participation The lack of human resources in the unit and the lack of large-scale sharing platform guided by the market supply and service demand still restrict the volume and scale of open sharing of scientific instruments

since its establishment, the capital science and technology conditions platform testing and certification field center has been committed to carrying out resource sharing services with scientific instruments and equipment as the core. While actively exploring and improving the development of its own platform, it has explored and studied new ideas and methods of instrument sharing in the society through different channels, with a view to achieving the common development of all parties involved through a more reasonable and efficient innovation mode, Better serve different types of laboratory and social users who can't see the problem in a short time in the member units of the field center

Zhang Guanghui, general manager of Beijing Exxon Technology Co., Ltd., made a special report

Beijing Exxon Technology Co., Ltd., as a strategic partner of the capital scientific and technological conditions platform testing and certification field center, has long been committed to the design and operation of instrument sharing platform. In the report, Zhang Guanghui introduced the company's attempts to help the laboratory open sharing: after more than four years of exploration and practice, the company successfully designed a new model of scientific research instrument sharing platform, namely, the social instrument sharing and testing service sharing platform based on Internet +, which effectively solved many problems faced in the current scientific research instrument sharing service, It has opened up an innovative mode and path for the shared development of scientific research instruments

after the report, the participants also had a heated discussion on the design concept, participation mode and operation mode of the Exxon shared platform. The salon also played a role of "letting more member units understand and participate in the platform, and achieving greater development with the help of the platform"

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